A Goat Story Told In A Coffee Mug

Goat Story

Recently, a pledge was made by Next Cuppa to showcase more coffee and more goats. Today we bring you an article that initiates curiosity, inspires originality and ignites a smile. An incredible campaign undertaken by The Goat Story team was featured on Kickstarter this month, it’s a movement we are more than happy to get behind!

“This is a story that reveals the connection between goats and coffee. And the most awesome part is that it is 100% true. Back in 13th century, a bunch of goats stumbled upon a bush full of red berries, ate them and started jumping around like mad. Their shepherd got interested, which lead him to the idea of brewing the berries.

The discovery of a rich and delicious beverage which gave him incredible energy changed history. Imagine how many discoveries and art pieces we would be missing today if it weren’t for coffee? This made us dedicate our coffee mug to the ones who are “guilty” of such revolutionary discovery – goats. For that exact reason, the shape of our unique mug reminds of goat’s horn.” – told by the Goat Story team.

Taking the shape of a goat’s horn, this is one mug that’s sure to get some passing looks. A life companion or fashion accessory, the Goat mug comes with a set of two straps, making it easy to carry around, attach to your bag or sling it over your shoulder.

An essential item of the urban explorer.

Environmentally conscious, this horny mug is claimed to be 100% leak proof and BPA free. With a distinct look and design team dedicated to art of grinding beans, we think the Goat Mug looks like a winner. Find out more on Goat Story.

Feature Photo by Goat Story