Step By Step Training With Barista Mate

Barista Mate

Having a freshly brewed coffee from your favourite café is always a pleasant experience. Watching the barista behind the counter waving his magic from extraction, to steaming and finally placing all the ingredients with a touch of art. A thought may have crossed your mind saying, “Where do I go and learn about coffee?” You may take up a class or browse the web hoping you get somewhere before your burning passion wither away. Some people might just pick a bag of beans and start with their nextcuppa on the machine.

While making coffee requires hands on experience and heaps of caffeinated tasting, I’ve recently come across a simple yet easily available means of learning, the Barista Mate mobile app. It couldn’t be any more comprehensive, covering a comprehensive range of topics like Setting Up, Good Extractions, Understanding the Grinder, Milk Texturing Technique and Latte Art.

Barista Mate applies an effective show tell method to make learning interesting. Using video presentation, sequence imagery and step-by-step instructions it is easy to understand. It’s like having your very own barista on the palm of your hands taking you through the ropes. Although you should not replace actual practical training with an app, I find that this is a good resource to recap what you have learnt. Maybe even learn a new thing or two. While I wouldn’t say this is the bible of coffee making, as everyone has his or her own process. This app is compilation of experience by Mocopan, an award-winning roaster in Australia celebrating their 60th year.

To find out more about the Barista Mate App, download this app from Apple iTunes or Google Play.