About NextCuppa

About NextCuppa is about the next coffee, it’s knowledge and the lifestyle. Coffee needs no introduction. Millions of people consume at least one cup of coffee a day. Some drink it for the caffeine it provides; some drink it because they love the taste; others drink it socially because cafés have steadily grown in popularity as a place to meet and hang out with friends.

NextCuppa latte art.

NextCuppa is more than just another blog or magazine, we aims to be the concierge on all things coffee, both business and lifestyle, in Singapore. Having a growing trend and acceptance of specialty coffee, it is born to be the bridge where industry meets enthusiasts.

We started NextCuppa not because Singapore has the best coffee but to explore the intricate knowledge that surrounds that perfect cuppa coffee. Food and drink is in the hearts of every Singaporean, we are excited about bringing to you more than just ‘where can you get it’. It’s all about your nextcuppa and so more more.